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Like a Fairy Tale

An Amy/Eleven Ficathon

The Eleven/Amy Ficathon
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An Amy/Eleven Ficathon
This is a ficathon for Amy Pond and the Eleventh Doctor from the current series of Doctor Who Ficathons are simple: you write a story based on a another participants requests, while someone else is writing a story based on yours.


All stories must focus on Amy and Eleven. It doesn't have to be shippy, friendship fic if fine, but the duo must be the main focus of the story.

The fic should be at least 1000 words long. No maximum word count, but the fic needs to be finished by the due date.

No bashing of any characters or pairings.

Please have your fic beta'd. If you don't have a beta, they'll be a post here to help you find one.

E-mail me (fairytalefic at gmail dot com) if you realise that you cannot finish your assignment in time. Don't be embarrassed about it, just let me know as soon as possible.

Want more Eleven/Amy goodness? Join us at eleven_amy