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Emily [userpic]
by Emily (malana)
at June 30th, 2010 (07:55 pm)

Title: Rain on the Rue Dauphine
Author: seren_ccd
For: For futurept1
Word Count: 3935
Rating: PG-13 - R
Disclaimer: They are not mine. 'Tis a pity, really.

A/N: This is for futurept1 who wanted romance. I hope you like it! This was beta'd by the ever-lovely fringedweller.

Summary: "What?" Amy said. "I'm just saying. This is currently exhibiting signs that are classified as date-like. I'm wearing a dress, for heaven's sake."

"I have to say, I really did not expect that blizzard to start up so quickly," the Doctor said watching Amy stomp through the control room and head down one of the corridors. He followed her sedately.

Amy spared him a quick glare as she headed towards her room. Through still chattering teeth, she said, "I can't believe you took me to a planet that has flash freezes! I can't feel my feet."

"Well, you really should dress more warmly," the Doctor said eyeing her bare legs. "I've got on thermals, did you know?"

Amy didn't reply, just wrapped her arms around her waist and shivered as she walked faster towards her room.

The Doctor caught up with her. "It really was unexpected. Did you see the size of those snowflakes? They could knock out a person cold. Well. Not cold. Or actually, yes, cold. Frozen, in fact--"

"For the love of God, stop mentioning the cold!" Amy said through clenched teeth.

"Yes, right, sorry," he said. "Still it was quite something, you have to admit."
They arrived at Amy's room. She pushed the door open and the Doctor followed her in. He flopped on the bed as she headed straight for the bathroom. She slammed the door behind her.

"Hey! There's no need to go 'round making a ruckus, just 'cause your toes got a little cold!" he called after her. He picked up a paperback off her bedside table and grinned at the title and picture on the cover. "Ooh, a 36th century Harlequin. Someone's been in the trashy section of the library."

The Doctor had just propped himself up against the headboard and was happily reading away, when Amy stuck her head out the door, steam billowing out behind her. "Are just going to sit there while I take a shower?" She narrowed her eyes. "And are you reading my book?"

"Yep! Don't worry, I won’t spoil the ending," he said. "And it's your turn to pick a destination."

"Oh, well, okay." Amy thought for a moment. "Some place warm."

She closed the door.

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "Would you care to be more specific?" he asked loudly.

"Some place hot and steamy," Amy yelled through the door, "where I don't have to wear a coat or tights or socks. Where I might actually sweat."

"Anything else, my lady?" the Doctor asked raising an eyebrow at one of the turns of phrase in the bodice ripper.

The door opened and Amy stuck her head out again, her wet hair dripping onto the floor. "Yes, actually. I want to go dancing. And eat really good food and have a nice drink."

"So, you want some place hot and steamy, with good food, nice drinks and you want to go dancing," the Doctor said listing the requirements on his fingers. He grinned. "No problem. I know just the place. Stop by the wardrobe when you're done and the TARDIS will give you the right outfit."
He jumped off the bed and headed out of her room.

Amy rolled her eyes and closed the bathroom door. A moment later, she opened the door and shouted, "And don't think I didn't notice you stealing my book! You’d better not dog ear the pages!"
She slammed the door once again and went back to her shower.


Amy loved the wardrobe. She'd always adored clothes and dressing up, even as a child. Her aunt had hated to take her shopping because Amy had had a tendency to disappear once they entered the store, only to be found later underneath a rack of clothes, skirts and blouses tickling her upturned face.

The TARDIS appreciated Amy's admiration of the clothes and always made sure something new was around for her to look at. Today, there was a lovely array of sun dresses from different eras in a multitude of colours and styles. Amy grinned and started to browse.


The TARDIS landed with her usual thump and groan. The Doctor released the brakes and checked his watch.
"Right on time," he said. "Perfect. Pond! Hurry up!"

"I'm coming! Keep your knickers on!"

"Oi! I'll have you know I only wore those the once! And there were extenuating circumstances, thank you very much," the Doctor said.

"Of course there were," Amy said walking into the control room. "Although, I thought the pale blue really brought out your eyes."
"Yes, well," the Doctor started to say as he turned to face her, but he stopped and took in her outfit. Then he grinned. "Amy Pond, look at you, all gussied up"

Amy gave a little turn and then struck a pose, looking at the Doctor over her shoulder.

She'd gone for a dark blue sundress with spaghetti straps and a full skirt that ended just above her knees. Her sandals were wonderful comfy things that were perfect for dancing. Her thick hair was up in a loose bun.

"I felt like being girl," she said. "Will I do?"

"Oh, I'll say," the Doctor said still grinning. "Now, come on. I've got some heat for you."

Amy joined him at the door and he gave her a little smile and tip of his head. Amy opened the door and stepped out. She looked around the busy street lined with two and three story houses with wrought iron balconies and hanging baskets filled with colourful flowers. A saxophone played in the distance and a horse-drawn carriage trundled past, its driver shouting out local tales to his passengers.

"I give you New Orleans, Louisiana, August, 1990," the Doctor said stepping up behind her. "You wanted heat? Here it is. Complete with good food, cheap beer and more music than you know what to do with, and of course..."

"'The livin' is easy'?" Amy offered.

"Oh, yeah, the livin' is definitely easy," he said. Then he frowned. "Well, not literally. New Orleans is certainly in for its share of serious heartache and bad times, but for the purposes of today? Yes. Welcome to the Big Easy, Miss Pond."

Amy breathed in and smiled. Already the heat was setting into her skin like a sauna. The air was redolent with the contradictory smells of hot asphalt and Confederate jasmine, mud and water from the river, peppery spices and sugar.
The Doctor locked the TARDIS and offered Amy his arm. "Shall we?"

"Yes, please," she said tucking her arm in his.

They set off down the street. It was nearing dinnertime and Amy's stomach started to rumble as they passed large houses just opening their windows and doors to the evening crowd.

"Hungry?" the Doctor asked.

"Starving," Amy said. "And you promised me good food."

"Have I ever let you down?" he asked. He winced at her glare. "Never mind. Here's good."

The restaurant was busy and they actually had to wait for a few minutes before being seated. Amy took in the large windows that stretched to the ceiling and the slowly circling fans. The old wooden floor creaked under her feet as did the table they were seated at. But the smells coming from the kitchen set her mouth to watering. Amy studied the menu and decided on something she'd never had before.

She pointed to her choice and the Doctor grinned. The waiter, a young cheerful blond fellow named Ray, took their orders and promised to return quickly with iced tea.

Amy rested her elbows on the table and stared out into the street, watching the people pass by.

The Doctor simply watched her.

Ray came back with their tea and Amy sighed after taking a big sip of the cold drink. "Gorgeous."

"I have to say," the Doctor said, "tea is truly an amazing discovery. Did you know there are planets that will never experience tea? It simply won't ever grow there."

"Well, I say we pass those particular planets by," Amy said. She took another sip and then stabbed at the lemon slice with her straw. "Is this a date?"

The Doctor swallowed wrong and coughed. "What?"

"Is this a date?" Amy repeated. "I mean, dinner? You're paying. Wait. You are paying, right? This dress doesn't exactly have pockets."

"No, no, I'm paying, don't you worry," he said. "But, ah... Pond..."

"What?" she said. "I'm just saying. This is currently exhibiting signs that are classified as date-like. I'm wearing a dress, for heaven's sake."

"Right. Well, if this is a date," he said shifting in his seat, "what should I be doing? What's my ultimate goal?"

Amy grinned. "Well, if you're a bad boy, your goal is to pull. And, if you're a nice boy, your goal is still to pull, but you'll be far more low-key about it."
The Doctor looked bewildered, but then thoughtful. "Okay. Sounds like a challenge. This? Is a date."

"Brilliant," Amy said with a laugh.

"Oh, how will I know if I've been successful?" he asked.

"You'll know," she said. "I'll let you know through subtle, yet unmistakable, clues." Amy frowned. "Actually, this is you we're talking about. I’d better be direct about the whole thing."

The Doctor opened his mouth to argue, but Ray arrived with their dinner. Shrimp etouffee for Amy and red beans and rice with sausage for the Doctor.

"I thought beans were evil," Amy said eyeing his plate.

"Not these beans," he said tucking in. "These beans are the direct opposite of evil. Divine, these beans are."

He made a blissful face and Amy giggled and said, "All right. Let's have a taste, then."

The Doctor had already scooped up a forkful and made a motion to put it on Amy's plate. However, she grabbed his wrist and guided the fork to her mouth. His eyes widened as her lips closed over the offered food. Leaning back in her seat, she smiled as the tastes exploded on her tongue, fantastically earthy and spicy.

"Definitely divine beans," she said.

"Told you," he said shaking his head and going back to his food. "Of course, you do realise that your shrimp are now fair game?"
Amy looked confused, but then yelped as the Doctor swiftly speared one of her shrimps with his fork. "Hey!"

The Doctor chuckled and happily munched on his stolen crustacean.

Amy glared and tore off a corner of her cornbread. Feeling decidedly devious, she slowly put the piece of bread in her mouth, taking care to slide her fingers over her lips. The Doctor's eyes widened. Amy just blinked at him innocently.

The air outside was becoming thick and close, Amy could hear the sound of thunder in the distance. Her arms prickled with the heat and she sipped her tea and stared outside at a sign waving in the stirring breeze.

A movement from the Doctor brought her attention back to the table. He was carefully licking each of his fingers. Amy was alternatively amused and aroused at the sight of his long fingers disappearing into his mouth only to emerge slowly from his lips.

He grinned at her. "Just getting into the spirit of things."

Amy grinned back, but also wondered at what she might have gotten herself into.

Full of fantastic food and ready for whatever the town had in store for them, the Doctor and Amy left the restaurant.

"Now, for some music," the Doctor said. He pulled Amy towards a nondescript old building with a metal sign that read Preservation Hall. The hall itself had a low ceiling and white walls. It was already filling up with tourists, so the Doctor and Amy stood near the back.

The band members came out and everyone clapped madly. They began to play the rich Dixieland jazz and Amy's foot began to tap almost immediately. She found herself with a huge grin on her face as the band really started to go. The Doctor laughed and clapped along in perfect time. The horns were clear and the atmosphere was so spirited, Amy could imagine anyone not feeling optimistic after hearing these guys play. The hall erupted in thunderous applause when the band finished the first set. After a brief intermission, in which the Doctor held a conversation with an older gentleman about the current political climate, the band started up again, rousing the audience into once again, clapping and tapping their feet.

When the band finished, after three encores, Amy was feeling pretty good. The Doctor smiled at her contentment and took her hand as they left the hall. The storm was almost on top of the city, the breeze was blowing through the streets and the smell of ozone was all around. The air chilled the sweat on Amy's body and she leaned a little closer to the Doctor

The Doctor said, "And now, we move on."
"Really?" she asked. "There's more?"

"Of course there's more! Honestly, Pond," he said. "I thought you wanted to dance. This was just a taste, to get you in the mood. So to speak."

"Oh, well, I always did appreciate a good bit of foreplay," she said with a smirk.

Amy fully expected a blush or a stammer.

She did not expect the Doctor to stop in the middle of the sidewalk and give a slow turn of the head.

And she really did not expect the heated look the Doctor gave her. He tightened his grip on her hand and moved in closer, forcing her to take a step back. Her back bumped up against a wall and her mouth went dry. Completely ignoring the people rushing past, the Doctor pressed in. He didn't say a word, just kept his eyes fixed on hers. Amy's heart pounded and the heat that swamped her body could not be blamed on the weather.

Large drops of rain began to fall. They landed sporadically on the sidewalk and street. One landed on Amy's shoulder.

The Doctor lowered his head and pressed his lips where the raindrop landed. Amy shivered.

He raised his head and licked his lips. Then he gave her a small smile and started to walk down the street once more. Her hand still clasped in his, Amy followed silently.


The next place was dark and smoky with high ceilings and a full bar. The band was just beginning to set up on the stage. The Doctor and Amy arrived just as the rain began to pelt down and headed straight to the bar.

"We'll have two bottles of Dixie, please," the Doctor ordered.

"Sure thing," the bartender said. He winked at Amy before getting the bottles. The Doctor looked back at her, amused. She just pushed at his shoulder.

They took their beers and moved over to a tall table with stools. Amy hopped up and took a long pull of her beer. The flavour was a little surprising and she blinked.

"Not exactly like a Stella, is it?" she said.

"Ah, no, not quite," he said. "Something of an acquired taste, really."

Amy reached over and with a smirk, straightened his bow-tie. "Tell me about it."

The Doctor smirked back.

As the bar filled up, Amy and the Doctor were forced to move over to accommodate more people around their table. The Doctor never being a shy one eagerly started up conversations with everyone. Amy watched the way his face became animated as he discussed topics from oyster beds to medical school. A feeling of pure affection settled in her stomach and chest. She put her hand on his knee and squeezed it lightly. He looked over at her and beamed.

The band finally started in on their first set. This time, the music was raucous and wild. A fabulous blend of jazz and rock, the guitars wailed alongside the brass. And the beat was infectious.

Amy leaned over and spoke directly into the Doctor's ear. "I'm going to dance."

He looked her in the eyes directly and said, "I'm going to watch you."

A thrill raced up her spine and she only just managed to hold back a gasp at the blatant intent behind his words. Amy slid off her stool and let her hand trail over his thigh as she walked towards the dance floor.

The mad rhythm the bass was setting merged with her body and Amy started to move. Her arms rose up over her head, her skirt swished against her legs as she moved to the beat. She didn't know how long she let the music take over, she just kept moving. Sweat slid down her back and between her breasts; strands of her hair slowly slipped from its bun and tickled her neck.

The rain continued to pour and the sound of it hitting the tin roof simply added to the insane beats of the band.

And true to his word, the Doctor watched her.

Every time Amy would turn to check on him, his eyes were on her. He might be gesturing wildly in the middle of an explanation, but his eyes remained dark and intense upon her.

Amy had never been so turned on in her life.

She had no concept of time, only the pounding of the music and the weight of his gaze on her body.

Her eyes closed and her body continued to move.

A man with a clarinet began to play. The sound was both mournful and seductive. The notes rose and fell as Amy swayed her hips.

She smiled when she felt a presence behind her. A hand settled on her hip. She tilted her head to the side, but said nothing. A kiss was pressed to her throat

"Pond," the Doctor said roughly into her skin as he pressed in close to her back

Amy raised a hand to cup the back of his neck. The clarinet swelled and fell. They swayed in place for a few moments, until the Doctor trailed a hand down her other arm to clasp her hand. He pushed her hip lightly and Amy spun out in a lazy twirl. He tugged her back into his arms. Amy finally opened her eyes.

He had lost his jacket at some point and there were tiny beads of sweat on his temples. She placed a hand on his hip and tucked her face into his neck. Amy breathed in the scent of him as he tightened his grip on her hand. His other hand came to rest on her lower back.

They barely moved as the music and the crowd carried on around them.

As dawn approached, the band started to wind down. The crowd had thinned, except for a few couples and groups dotted about the room. Amy and the Doctor were barely moving by this point. His head was bent over her shoulder and every breath hit her skin, sending shivers through her body. Her dress was damp from sweat and the humidity, as was his shirt.

A bell rang out and the bartender shouted, "That's it, y'all! Get on outta here! You don't have to go home, but you sure as hell can't stay here!"

Amy raised her head and looked around at the emptying bar, then at the Doctor. He cleared his throat and looked uncertain. He made as if to speak, but stopped. His brow furrowed. Amy shook her head and put her finger on his lips.

"Congratulations, Doctor," she said with a small smile. "You've pulled."

She removed her finger and replaced it with kiss to the corner of his mouth. Taking unsteady steps, Amy walked out of the bar.

The Doctor stood frozen in place. The sound of deliberate coughing stirred him. He looked over at the bartender who said with a grin, "Only a fool would stand still when they could be walking out the door with a redhead."

The Doctor blinked at him. Then he grinned madly. He raced over to grab his jacket and saluted the bartender as he ran out the door.

Amy hadn't gotten far and was staring up at the early morning sky. The rain had stopped and the streets were wet and steaming. The air felt fresh and revived something inside her. The Doctor appeared at her side and draped his jacket over her shoulders. Wordlessly, she looped her arm through his as they headed towards the riverside.

A short way from the street there was a large oak tree. Amy set the Doctor's coat on the damp ground and lay herself down. She kicked off her sandals with a sigh of relief and hummed as the grass tickled her bare legs and feet.

The Doctor lay down next to her and they both stared up at the leaves stirring in the light breeze. The steady sound of the river was the perfect background as they relaxed.

Amy turned her head and said, "Thank you. I had a wonderful time."

"I'm glad," the Doctor said turning on his side to look at her. Amy lifted her head up to press a kiss to his lips. She was only slightly surprised when he kissed her back. It was a soft kiss, only the lightest of pressure from both of them. Amy pulled back first.

He brought a finger up and traced the lines of her face, her brow, her cheeks, her mouth. "You humans. Always burning so, so brightly. It hurts to look at you sometimes."

"Then why?" she asked. "Why do you keep looking?"

"Ah, well, as a very savvy young woman of my acquaintance once said, it's a good kind of hurt," he said.

He leaned down and kissed her firmly.

Then lips parted and tongues entwined. His body settled on top of her and there was a moment of awkwardness, as there always is with new lovers. But soon, it was heat and wonder and delight. Clothes were pushed aside and mouths explored every inch of skin they could find. It was too much and not enough, never enough. Hearts thudded and blood rushed through veins. And he was inside her and they moved together. Foreheads touched and hands clasped and backs arched and then time simply stood still for one glorious moment... Then it surged forward bringing with it such heartbreaking pleasure.


The walk back to the TARDIS was silent. They hadn't let go of the other's hand except to straighten clothing. Every now and then the Doctor would twirl Amy around. She laughed quietly when she lost her balance and fell against him. He chuckled.

They reached the TARDIS and the Doctor let go of her hand to get out his key. Amy felt a keen sense of sadness at the loss of contact. Wondering if everything they'd shared was to be chalked up to a one-time thing and never to be repeated, Amy leaned her back against the blue box and looked out at the city waking up. The Doctor unlocked the door.

"So," Amy said lightly, wondering if she sounded as nervous as she felt. "On to a new adventure, yeah?"

The Doctor looked at her and smiled. He kissed the side of her neck and Amy met his eyes with surprise.

"Honestly, Pond. Just spending a day with you is an adventure in and of itself," he said as he took her hand once again. "But, I'm sure there's something dangerous happening somewhere, just waiting for us to stumble into it."

Amy bit back the huge smile threatening to spread across her face. "Well, I'd best go put the kettle on."